Bali Backpacker

Backpacking is gaining popularity with the interest in travel becoming much more prevalent, and Bali is a pretty popular destination. Bali Backpackers, It’s a beautiful country full of life, culture, and adventure, and one that captivates many a traveler.

While it’s an enticing place to visit and worth seeing on foot, there are many things that backpackers don’t realize before starting out their trip.

For those coming from the Americas, it’s a hefty plane ride, but one that’s worth it for those with the patience. It’s far easier to reach for those who already live in the Pacific region, so that’s first things first.

Once travelers leave the airport, it’s pretty obvious that Bali is like no other in the world – so here are 15 things that potential backpackers should know before heading out on their trek

For starters, Bali is definitely worth the hype. Many might second-guess the true beauty of the country and if it’s really as it seems in pictures, but it is. Most backpackers recommend the trip, backpacking or otherwise. Just remember to respect this country’s natural beauty and culture.

Essentially, it means flying from one side of the world to the other. If you have the patience to wait out a long plane ride, then there’s no reason not to do it! It’s a backpacker’s dream and you could only be a 17-hour flight away from accomplishing it.

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