A flight reviewer has documented his trip on a hugely popular flight route from Bali to Australia dubbed the ‘Bogan Express’.

Josh Cahill, a travel YouTuber, posted the video on Tuesday titled ‘Review: Jetstar Australia’s 787 Dreamliner – is it really that bad?’

He treated viewers to an in depth analysis of the journey as well as a look at the unappealing in-flight food

Mr Cahill caught the flight from Denpasar to Sydney and said he paid around $250 for his economy seat plus $120 for extras.

He told the camera: ‘This particular flight is known to be the Bogan Express. So there’s a certain kind of white people on this flight who are super annoying.

Boeing spent billions of dollars to develop a plane that possesses the latest in technology and innovation

The 787 Dreamliner boasts a range of features including a more efficient design, more comfortable cabin pressure and is more fuel efficient

The plane was designed to be more spacious for both for passengers and overhead luggage

Perks also include bigger windows with electronic dimmers

‘I know I’ve said it before that there’s Chinese or other kinds of travellers, ethnic groups, that are difficult to travel with but there’s also a lot of white people who can be a pain in the butt.

‘So there, I said it, there are annoying people everywhere,’ Mr Cahill said.

Mr Cahill has almost 50,000 followers on Instagram and documents flights across the world.

His newest video on the Denpasar flight marks the latest clip in a series of hundreds of uploads.

Mr Cahill warned travellers that they should arrive at Denpasar airport at least four hours ahead of departure time as the check-in queues are extremely long.

Mr Cahill shared images of the hellishly long airport queues as he waited to get his boarding pass.

Once on-board the reviewer explained that Jetstar customers were charged extra to watch the movies on the in-flight entertainment system.

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