My name is Andi Rofik Lutfi Hidayat, I was born on 28 maret 1990 in Banjarnegara, Indonesia. I went to collage  in Ahmad Dahlan University as a informatic Enggenering student…

Nothing special about me… I like the simple and like something new..i think success is a mindset. not due directly to work hard can succeed. working smarter is the way to get my happy life. do not be afraid to start something. because of something that does not know the next direction. no need to wait for graduation S1, S2 to achieve dreams. starting from now while there is still a chance. will become accustomed to because of the process through.

I have seen from anywhere remains the same no different. changes must be in from now on. to learn and dig deeper knowledge. enjoys writing, reading and singing.

good luck.

sukses, motivasi

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