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By | April 19, 2009

Dataloggers for Inquiry-Based Science Learning

Benefits of Dataloggers

Provide real time display of data. The immediacy of the graph production enables pupils to draw instant links between the graph and the physical phenomenon, that facilitating pupils’ conceptual understanding

Provide multiple graphical representations. multiple graphical representations of the data afforded by the software can promote pupils’ understanding of graphs.

Facilitate data collection and analysis. Dataloggers exhibit great potential in facilitating the data gathering and analysis processes. Dataloggers with their software offers another edge over manual methods as it enables quick and complex analysis of the data which allows pupils to focus on the analysis of trends and relationships between variables instead of focusing on individual data points.

Promote social interaction among pupils and with teacher. The effect which dataloggers has on the ways in which pupils interact with one another and with the teacher during practical work is perceived as one significant contribution to science learning.Teachers who used dataloggers regularly in their lessons indicated that pupils spent much more time talking about what was happening and predicting what would happen next in their experiment.

(Seah Whye Choo, 2005)

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