Why Developers Need Mobile Backend as a Service for Their Apps

By | November 1, 2016

Scaling up application is a challenging job. Developers need to maintain their apps every hour in case there’s a problem. With all the hype of Mobile Application, Developers are reaching into this business to join the hype. With outstanding number of smartphone user, Mobile application market will keep growing up. Companies are moving their services from offline to online to reach their customers and increase their sales and choosing Mobile Backend as a Service as solution.

Everyday, there are million application downloaded and it makes people getting familiar about what it does. Whether it’s a gaming app or an app for our daily work, people is attached to use mobile application. With many growth in mobile application, developers need to be quick in execute their idea and deliver to the market by develop with Mobile Backend as a Service. If an apps takes 6 months to build they have to cut the timing process and deliver faster before the apps has to be tested.

To cut off the process, developers mostly choose Mobile Backend as a Service. It provides solution including platform with backend storage and a bunch of other useful function for your mobile application.

Most Baas platform is equipped with a SDK (Software developer Kit) available in iOS and Android are useful to ensure seamless integration. Many of these services offer a freemium model and offers the best value for money with prices based on usage and improve your mobile app scalability. It allows you to manage commercial risk because you will only start paying once your application is succeeded.

The benefit mobile backend as a service offers are also various. The most important thing is Mobile Backend as a Service provides feature to help developers manage and engage the user.

Integration with Push Notification can make developers understand what their user needs. Engagement with user is also getting clearer because developers can get feedback from their users and examine what the user needs and what they dislike.

An elastic cloud server is also available to help developers give the best experience and manage their apps. So if you’re a mobile app developer, choose Mobile Services Backend as a Service (mBaas) who have good capacity of scalable cloud servers and capable of doing cloud server scaleup when users increases.

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