Models of Simple Home Model You Should Know

Models of Simple Home Model You Should Know. This article was created by the Dekoruma content team. Every day, we publish stories about home, follow here. Home is one of the primary needs of human beings. Naturally if house prices continue to soar from time to time. But you do not have to worry, buying a simple home model can be an option.


For those of you who have limited funds, in this article will introduce types of simple home model. Home Design Ideas that can be an option to buy or build a residence as well as a place to rest.

Simple Type of Home Model Type 36

Still applying the same principle with simple model house type 21, the model of simple house type 36 has a building area of 36 m². The difference with type 21 is that the house has 2 bedrooms and a larger living room. In Indonesia, perhaps the type 36 house is the most commonly seen in residential areas.

Simple Home Model Type 21

In Indonesia, the developers tend to distinguish the type of house they build and then marketed under the name based on building area. One of them is a simple model house type 21, which has a building area of 21 m². The length and width of the building can vary, for example the size of 6 meters x 3.5 meters into a building area of 21 m².

Simple house type 21 model usually consists of 1 bedroom that can be occupied by 2 people, a living room directly connected to the kitchen and a bathroom. This house is suitable for young couples who do not have children.

Simple Type of Home Model Type 45

Modest house model that has a building area of 45 m² suitable for inhabited small families who have one or two children. Modest type 45 home model has a front porch that can be used as a garage for one unit of car and a small garden in the backyard.

Between the living room and the dining room are separated. Usually, there is a small kitchen design located on the back of the house. There are also variations of type 45 house with 3 bedrooms without backyard.

Simple Type of Home Model Type 54

Type 54 is a model of modest middle-class houses that are superior in terms of building area. The simple 54 type house model is usually built on two floors, where there are two bedrooms on the ground floor and one upstairs bedroom, and an extra living room on the second floor. Apart from the spacious buildings, the price of a simple home model is quite affordable.

How You Design a Simple Home Model?

Simple Home Model Type 60

For those of you who are looking for a home that seems elegant but with a price that is still affordable, a simple model house type 60 is the answer. The 60 m² building comprising 2 floors is a bit more spacious than the simple 54 type house model, has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a terrace at the rear of the wider house.

Simple Home Model Type 120

Simple nan luxury, simple home model type 120 provides all the room needs you need. Luxury Master Bedroom Design Ideas  In general, this house is built and has 3 to 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, separate kitchen, dining room, back porch, and carport that can accommodate two cars at once.