“Cover Letter sample series”: The following is the series of Fashion Designer Cover Letter sample, One of the application letter examples. This killer Cover letter example is a good sample of cover letter. This is one of the best Amazing Fashion Artist Cover Letter samples that you can use as the guidelines when you want to make a selling,inviting and killer cover letter to get your inspired job. You had better try to use this sample cover letter since this sample cover letter has been proved to be very effective to guide many job seekers in getting the job they want to hunt. This cover letter for job application is written in the best order from the introductory, body and the closing. Please feel free to edit and customize this killer Strong Fashion Designer Cover Letter Job Application sample. All Fashion Designer Cover Letter-Job Application samples should provide details about what the applicants can bring to the job that may set them apart from others since. By Customizing and editing this sample cover letter based on the job information you refer to, you are ready to apply for a job using the strong cover letter you have written.


Cover Letters for Fashion Designer Jobs

Job Application

1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

November 28, 2008

Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo,
Personel Manager,
ABC Fashion Design
12345, Park Avenue South,
New York, USA 12345..

Dear Mr.Ronaldo:

My five years of experience with Toddler Togs Fashions has prepared me for the job you’ve advertised on atoznewtips.com for a fashion designer with an emphasis on juvenile clothing. I designed a line of play clothes for toddler-aged children that has put this company on the map of fashion design companies.

I’m aware of the responsibility and opportunities available to qualified fashion designers today and I’d like to be one of those you select to work for Rathburn Fashion Design. I’m ready for a new challenge. I am available to begin work within two weeks, as soon as I settle into my new apartment

Would you like to get together so we can discuss my ideas and also what you are looking for in the Fashion Artist you hire? I can come to your office any weekday afternoon from 3:00 on. Call me at 123-098-0987 to set up a time that works best for your schedule. Thank you for being willing to read this cover letter and consider meeting in person. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,



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