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Jurnal Internasional Yang Menjadi Rujukan Tim PAK DIKTI

Merujuk, diawal dinformasikan bahwa: Informasi tentang Laman Acuan Jurnal Ilmiah Posted on 06 October 2013 by Administrator Sebagai informasi, Kami sampaikan beberapa laman yang sering diacu oleh jurnal ilmiah: 1. ISI Knowledge -Thomson Reuter (USA ) 2. SCOPUS (Netherland), 3. Microsoft Academic Search, 4. Ulrich’sPeriodicals Directory (Proquest) 5. Academic Search Complete (EBSCO)… Read More »

Conference Management Systems

Beberapa layanan sistem manajemen konferen:   conf2py Conference Management System Open Source Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) Free service Confious Commercial service ConfISS Open Source with commercial service option ConfTool Limited license, free for small academic events Continue Conference Management Free service with commercial support Cyberchair Open Source with… Read More »

Top 120 Ilmuwan Indonesia (versi Google Scholar)

Berikut daftar “Top 120 Ilmuwan Indonesia” berdasarkan h-index dan sitasi menurut hitungan Google Scholar No Nama Institusi h-index Citations 1 Suharyo Sumowidagdo Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia 89 34973 2 Hairiah Kurniatun Universitas Brawijaya 28 2354 3 Ferry Iskandar Institut Teknologi Bandung 27 2926 4 Manabu D Yamanaka Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi 25 2117 5… Read More »

Ranking Ilmuwan di lembaga Indonesia berdasarkan profil “Google Scholar Citations”

Perankingan ini dibiayai oleh Project ACUMEN (European Commission 7th Framework Programme, Capacities, Science in Society 2010. Grant Agreement 266632 and the CSIC Intramural 201310E040) RANK NAME INSTITUTION H-INDEX CITATIONS 1 Suharyo Sumowidagdo Indonesian Institute of Sciences 90 34861 2 L P Ligthart Universitas Indonesia; ITS 29 3647 3 Hairiah Kurniatun Brawijaya University; ICRAF World Agroforestry… Read More »

PortalGaruda.Org “IPI: Indonesian Publication Index” Elsevier atau Thomson Reuters-nya Indonesia

Sebagai wujud bakti bagi Indonesia Raya, para Ilmuwan dan Peneliti Indonesia yang tergabung dalam Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science (IAES) Indonesia Section mempersembahkan sebuah portal yang disebut “IPI: Indonesian Publication Index“. Portal ini dikembangkan laksana Scopus/Science Direct (ELSEVIER) dan Web of Knowledge (Thomson Reuters), dua raksasa dunia di bidang penyedia layanan library di dunia.… Read More »

The Star That Sparked Europe’s Power Grid

Europe’s electrical integration began modestly in 1958, with a 220-kilovolt link joining France, Germany, and Switzerland. Known as the Star of Laufenburg, that connection, which was the first high-tension link for the three countries, is being honored as an IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing. Learn about this breakthrough at

IEEE Operations Center Goes Solar

In an attempt to reduce its electricity costs and carbon footprint, the IEEE Operations Center, in Piscataway, N.J., installed 300 rooftop photovoltaic solar panels. The panels can produce about 20 percent of the building’s electricity demands. Read on at

Becoming a Better Public Speaker Is Not That Hard

Many engineers consider public speaking one of the scariest things they’ve ever done. But it’s a skill you must master if you want to get ahead in your career. To improve their communication skills, many IEEE members are turning to Toastmasters International, which teaches you not only how to write a speech but how to… Read More »

IEEE Launches Smart-Grid Site

A one-stop source for information about IEEE’s involvement in helping make the electricity grid “smart” was launched recently. The IEEE Smart Grid Web portal features conferences, publications, standards, tutorials, and news about the topic. For more information, visit