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Can we pick ’em or what? In January, IEEE Spectrum called Intrinsity, an Austin, Texas, chip-design firm, a “winner.” The magazine’s editors aren’t the only ones who think so. Intrinsity’s “Hummingbird” revamp of the A8 chip, the standard smartphone CPU, powers the Apple iPad, say industry experts. No other configuration of the A8 chip could… Read More »


Computer makers already use cold water to draw heat away from the chips in supercomputers and keep them from overheating. But a team of IBM researchers in Zurich has discovered that warm water is just as effective at ensuring that chips remain within their rated temperature ranges. A supercomputer they built to test their theory… Read More »


In MEMS and NEMS, the squeaky wheel doesn’t get the oil, because liquid lubricants won’t stay between their tiny parts. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University recently discovered why solid lubricants such as sheets of multilayer graphite overcome the forces of sticking and friction that would be a microscopic machine’s undoing. In… Read More »

Photovoltaics Researchers Meet to Cast More Light on Solar Cells

Energy from the sun is abundant and free. Electricity from solar energy, often less expensive than other alternative sources, isn’t abundant yet, but the physicists, engineers, and others attending the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference hope it soon will be. The conference is scheduled for 20 to 25 June in Honolulu. For more information, visit

Survival Skills for Scientific Writing

The ability to write effective papers, articles, and reports is an essential part of an engineer’s job, but the writing process can be intimidating to even experienced professionals. To help members improve their writing for peer-reviewed journals, the IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade group recently presented a one-hour webinar, “A Survival Guide for Scientific… Read More »

Next on the Cyberhacker’s Victims List: Industrial Infrastructures

The systems most vulnerable to cyberattack aren’t those that house your bank records or credit card information. They’re the control systems for such critical facilities as power and water-treatment plants, oil refineries, and mass transit systems. So says cybersecurity expert and IEEE Member Joseph Weiss, author of two IEEE Expert Now eLearning online tutorials on… Read More »

Ilmuwan Pecahkan Misteri Superinsulator

Pada tahun 2008 sebuah tim fisikawan dari “Argonne National Laboratory”, di Illinois, dan lembaga lain “Stumbled” menemukan fenomena yang aneh. Mereka menyebutnya superinsulation, karena dalam banyak hal itu adalah lawan dari superkonduktivitas. Sekarang mereka mendapatkan teori di balik itu, yang secara potensial mendukung dibuatnya baterai yang lebih baik, sensor-sensor yang sangat sensitif, dan rangkaian-rangkaain baru… Read More »

Tornado Trackers

Tornado (badai yang paling dahsyat di alam semesta) ini mampu dengan cepat menyebarkan kematian dan kehancuran. Untuk meningkatkan perkiraan badai “tornado” dan meningkatkan waktu peringatan (warning time), program pengukuran terbesar tornado “the Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment-2”, sedang dilakukan di Amerika Serikat. Lehih lengkap silakan baca: