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Quality of Telematic Services in Transport

Quality of Telematic Services in Transport Abstract The paper presents problems of quantification for quality of services with respect to telematic systems that are applicable to transportation. The author give an outline of quality evaluation methods which are used in telecommunication, this paper describes one of the evaluation systems currently used, which has the advantage… Read More »

Draft Renstra Depdiknas 2010-2014

Departemen Pendidikan Nasional (Depdiknas) saat ini sedang menyusun Draf Rencana Strategis Departemen Pendidikan 2010-2014 yang mengacu pada rancangan awal RPJMN 2010-2014. Menurut Sekretaris Jenderal Depdiknas pada laman Depdiknas dalam rangka meminta masukan terhadap Draf Renstra Depdiknas 2010-2014. Draft Rencana Strategis Departemen Pendidikan Nasional periode 2010-2014 (Utuh) – Draft Renstra Depdiknas 2010-2014 (Utuh) Draft Rencana Strategis… Read More »

FAQ About PLD and FPGA

FAQ About PLD and FPGA What is programmable logic? What kinds of programmable logic devices are available today? How are they different from one another? * What is a SPLD? * What is a CPLD? * What is an FPGA? How do I design with programmable logic? * How do I enter a design? *… Read More »