Solution for Error: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

By | September 8, 2009

Apakah anda mengalami problem dengan ms word anda?

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime error!

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Offices\Office10\winword.exe


Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime error!

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Offices\Office11\winword.exe
Cobalah cara berikut untuk menanganinya:
1) Exit all Office applications
2) In Windows XP navigate to folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Proof
In Windows Vista navigate to folder:

* If not knowing which <username> to choose from Documents and Settings or Users folder, you may:
Press Start and in the command line type . (dot symbol) and press OK, current computer user folder will open.

* If in the user folder Application Data (WinXP) or Appdata (Vista) does not appear, you may:
From the folder toolbar press Tools and from the scroll down menu press Folder Options, from the tabs in the upper level choose View, in the main white box choose Show Hidden Files and Folders then press OK.

3) From the folder (according to paragraph 2) locate CUSTOM.DIC file – if it appears as CUSTOM it is ok, it is the same file.
4) Open the CUSTOM file (with notepad).
5) Delete all files content and save it.
6) Open Office application and check the Auto Correction.

* Another workaround is to make a new default dictionary within the program from Tools > Options > Auto Correction > Dictionary > uncheck the old one and add new one as default.

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